We provide specialist advice to help you chose a new, modern unit that will treat the sewage and discharge clear, treated water back into a nearby watercourse, ditch or soakaway.

From initial sizing and specification, to installing the unit in its final location and getting it up and running, we work with you and your requirements. Our work is finished to the highest standard and we take pride in our finish.

Environmental Systems and Services UK Ltd will only install and recommend systems that have passed the British Standard BS EN 12566-3.

Full advice & assistance given on the Building Regulations & Environment Agency applications for consent to discharge.

WPL Diamond DMS

If your property is not connected to mains sewerage, your wastewater can be treated by the discreet below ground WPL Diamond DMS package wastewater treatment range.

This is a small and compact wastewater treatment plant designed for properties that house 1 person or up to 20 (people) occupancy equivalent; ideal for new builds and replacement of existing septic tank systems and package sewage treatment plants.

Using no chemicals, the system treats to a very high standard, so that the final effluent can be safely discharged to a soakaway, watercourse or drainage ditch.

The WPL Diamond is better designed for modern day living than a septic tank system; with a faster process and a more environmentally friendly end result, it is the ideal replacement solution.

WPL Diamond kiosk blower hose domestic wastewater treatment

Baby Pureflow

The Pureflow treatment plant has a PE range from 5 to 250 PE it produces an effluent to comply with discharge consent limits. The Pureflow treatment plants are robust easy to install and cost effective.

Certified to CE EN 12566-standard the pureflow has a trickling filter technology which can tolerate variations in load and low flow, the easy to maintain sewage treatment plant comes with an electric kit,ground anchoring kit and a aeration pump.

Discharge consent data sheets are available upon request.