Where it is not possible to connect to the mains drainage by gravity a pumping station may be required. We will specify and supply the correct size pumping station for your needs.

Environmental Systems and Services UK Ltd offer:

  • Supply only
  • Supply with commissioning to manufacturers specification
  • Full installation service

Pumping stations can be installed with single or dual pumps, with manual or fully automated operation and with high level alarm.

We supply any size from a single domestic house up to large systems specified by the Sewers for Adoption scheme.

Packaged pumping stations are designed for situations where civil work and installation time must be kept to a minimum.

Environmental Systems and Services UK Ltd can provide a range of packaged pumping stations that are pre-fabricated and are available in various sizes, supplied complete with all the necessary equipment for a trouble-free installation.

Applications for Packaged Pumping Stations

Packaged pumping stations have a wide range of applications from handling domestic effluent for single households, through to large housing developments, industrial units and commercial premises. In fact, they can be used in almost any situation where sewage or surface water needs pumping to a mains connection. As well as standalone installations, packaged pumping station chambers can be used to augment existing arrangements.

Benefits of Packaged Pumping Stations

  • Ease and speed of installation
  • A choice of specification
  • The performance and quality of submersible pumps
  • Simple inspection and servicing
  • Easily transportable
  • Main components pre-installed under factory conditions
  • Simple pipe connections on site

The reliable answer to uphill mains connection

High-density polyethylene & GRP pumping stations from Environmental Systems and Services UK.

We can provide packaged pumping stations that have a triple layered construction and a specially designed self-cleaning base; features which eliminate dead zones in the flow to ensure lasting, reliable, trouble-free operation and greatly reduce life-cycle costs.

Packaged Pumping Station Features

  • Medium-density polyethylene construction  all tanks are BBA approved.
  • Light and compact
  • Single or dual pump systems
  • Quality powder coating on all cast parts
  • Smooth internal walls for maintenance-free operation
  • Smooth internal walls, avoids deposit build-up
  • All package pumping stations come with automatic controls and high level alarm.

Adoptable Sewage Pumping Stations

Sewers for adoption was first issued in 1980. Since then it has become the standard in England and Wales for the design and construction of sewers to adoptable standards. It is a guide to assist developers in preparing their submission to a sewerage undertaker prior to entering an adoption agreement under section 104 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

The philosophy has not changed over the years, in that developers are expected to work to the same standards as those used by the water companies. Public sewers should be located in highways or public open spaces, and as a general rule, there should be at least 10 houses connected to a system before sewers are adopted.

Adoptable Pumping Station Experience

We have thirty years experience in designing and building pumping stations. During this time we have worked for numerous housing and building developers. There can be a delay whilst the adopting company take over the station, we provide support and after sales service to make sure the station is operating correctly until it is adopted by the water company.


On behalf of the developer, we seek agreement with the water company, to the type of equipment to be used and to the layout of the site before committing it to a drawing. This will include the pumps, pipework and valves, control system and station telemetry.

Complete Build Service

We do undertake the civil build of the pumping station. We use a highly reputable civil engineering company to do the work. We supervise and inspect each part of the build to make sure it meets the requirements.

Mechanical & Electrical Installation

Mechanical & Electrical Installation

The installation is carried out by our own employees who are trained in the skills required to do such an installation. All our teams are trained in confined spaces working.

Commissioning & Documentation

Our commissioning engineers carry out all the checks and tests to make sure the station complies with the requirements of the specification. In some cases, this is done by using the water company’s own commissioning and test procedures. We liaise with the company to commission the telemetry systems to the main control centre. We provide the station Operation and Maintenance Manuals and other test certification include the commissioning details.