Our maintenance contracts include an Electrical and Mechanical engineer to attend each site and carry out the following work:


  • To visibly inspect the control equipment within the main control panel.

  • Clean and check all required connections and terminals power cabling to the submersible pump/pumps for either a Submersible Pumping Station or Sewage Treatment plant.

  • Carry out all required electrical insulation tests on the pump/pumps for electrical continuity and resistance.


  • To uplift and inspect each pump/pumps for wear and tear.
  • Check top and bottom bearings, mechanical seals and wear rings.
  • Check oil for contamination top up as required.
  • Check and clean the level control equipment and all pipework and associated valves.
  • This applies to either a pumping station or sewage treatment plant.

Written Report

Upon completion of the maintenance work, we will submit a full written report for each pump, detailing any defects or recommendations required. This will include all test results carried out on site.

Sewage Treatment Plants (only)

In addition to the above, we will also carry out sampling of the waste water from each sewage treatment plant that discharges into a dyke, soak away or water course. These tests will include an Ammonium test and activated sludge test. The quality of waste water will be assessed and procedures implemented to address any issues.

With each report we will send a quotation for any remedial works that require to be carried out and we will categorise each fault by a colour coded scheme:

 Red = urgent
 Amber = within the next 3 months
 Green = within the next 6 months

We also provide a 24 hour breakdown service and through our associated company can provide a tanker service, drain clearing service and jetting service.