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‘Farmers are the main users of freshwater, and they are most severely threatened if water runs out. The challenge of bringing water withdrawals back in line with natural renewal is, therefore, critical to avoiding a massive food crisis within the next 10-15 years.‘

Agricultural Rain water Harvesting is becoming increasingly popular for Arable farmers due to the simple fact that soft water is much more effective with most Agricultural chemicals. The benefit is a saving on chemical conditioners. Also as sprayers are increasing in size it means that they take longer to fill. A Rain water harvesting system will mean that you can also fill your sprayer much quicker as all our Rain water Harvesting systems are supplied with a 2″ or 3″ valve c/w male Camlock coupler so that your connect your suction hose to the tank system and fast-fill your sprayer. Planning is very important when considering an Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting system.


The above images show an Above ground Agricultural Rain water Harvesting system and a Underground Rainwater Harvesting System.


¨ It’s FREE- (Rain water)

¨ Fast filling of sprayer. Using mains water to fill sprayers is time consuming

¨ Quick hose connection – Our Camlock Valve system is simple and easy to use

¨ Save on Mains water


  • How many roofs can you Harvest Roof water from, bearing in mind the layout of the guttering. If a single roof is your only option, then an above ground rain water system is recommended. If you want to harvest water from multiple roofs, and have multiple downpipes, then an underground system may be your best option.
  • How much water do you actually want to Harvest? This is generally calculated from the size of your sprayer and your sprayer operations. The average rainfall in the UK is 65cm approx. per annum. (54 litres of rainwater  per m2 per month) example: Roof area: 450m2. 450m2 x 65cm of rainfall = 450 x 0.65 = 292.50m2 (1m2 = 1000 litres) 292’50m2 = 292’500 litres per annum divided by 12 = 29’250 litres per month. Please contact us with dimensions of your roof area/s so we can calculate the amount of rain water the can be harvested from your roof/s. We recommend that you have the storage capacity of at least 1 months water usage. for example. A storage tank of at least 29’250 litre based on the above example.
  • Gutter height? Applicable when installing an above ground system.


We have seen an big increase over the past few years on Arable Farms, where the Rain water Harvesting system is used for filling up agricultural sprayers. The feed-back from the farmers is very positive and the Main benefit is the reduction in the amount of conditioners they use with some of the agricultural chemicals – especially round-up.


There are numerous application on farms where ‘Harvested’ Rain water could replace ‘mains’ water. Applications include; General water supply around farm, Dairy and yard wash-down facilities, Toilets, Poultry and livestock drinking supplies, Toilet facilities, Firefighting reservoir water storage system etc. We offer UV Filtration units for Poultry and livestock water.