Environmental Systems and Services UK Ltd can give you friendly, expert advice on the most eco-friendly pump and sewage treatment systems for your home, office or housing development. We’re also specialists in rainwater harvesting units, which will cut your water bills and protect the environment.

Rain Water Harvesting

If you want to cut your water bills by as much as 50%, beat the hosepipe ban and protect the environment, you need a rainwater harvesting system. Harvested rain water can be used for cleaning, washing clothes, watering the garden and flushing WCs. You can choose from a multitude of beautifully-made systems, ranging from garden only to full household systems, all of which can be adapted for your particular needs. We can also provide more specialised rainwater harvesting systems for commerce.

We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our systems and are dedicated to giving you trouble-free solutions that will last. You’ll be supported from start to finish with full instructions and help whenever you need it.

For further information, please visit our Rain Water Harvesting page.

Sewage treatment systems

Our sewage treatment system will give you an easy, safe, clean solution that can be less expensive than a connection to the mains sewer. In our eco-friendly system, the sewage is treated in batches, guaranteeing the highest effluent quality, no matter how many people are using it. Here are just some of the reasons why we believe our sewage treatment systems are the best:

  • Most systems operate 24 hours a day, yet ours only use power for 7 minutes a day.
  • It’s completely natural – you never, ever need to add chemicals.
  • It’s auto adjustable when you are on holiday to save energy
  • All materials are 100% waste-water resistant so there is no corrosion.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install, with no concrete base or backfill required.
  • Tanks are rodent and tree-root proof.
  • With some suppliers you’ll get a minimum 20 year guarantee on the tanks
  • We can also help you comply with planning issues including the consent to discharge form sent by the Environment Agency.

For further information, please visit our Sewage Treatment System page.

Packaged pumping stations

We provide and install pumps for any situation where sewage or surface water needs pumping. Our pumps can also help you if you are situated at the top of a hill and have low water pressure. Clients include homeowners, property developers and commercial premises.

From small domestic package pump stations for a single dwelling through to large pumping stations for housing developments to comply with ‘Sewers for Adoption’ sixth edition.

Please visit our Pumping Station page for further information.


Our maintenance contracts include:

  • An Electrical and Mechanical engineer to attend each site and carry out electrical and mechanical checks
  • A full written report for each system, detailing any defects or recommendations required. This will include all test results carried out on site.
    In addition to the above, we will also carry out sampling of the waste water from each sewage treatment plant that discharges into a dyke, soak away or water course.
  • With each report we will send a quotation for any remedial works that require to be carried out and we will categorise each fault by a colour coded scheme:

Red = urgent
Amber = within the next 3 months
Green = within the next 6 months

For further information please visit our Maintenance page.

Odour Control

Our unique Bioteg biofilter products have been successfully installed in most of the UK water companies and throughout mainland Europe.

We offer our customers:-

  • Easy to Install products
  • High level performance with 99%+ odour problems resolved.
  • Unique pre-treated shredded pine roots biofilter materials.
  • Pine roots are bio-degradable, organic and non-hazardous.
  • Pine roots are safe and easy to replace and re-usable as compost.
  • High quality structured framework for installation.
  • Maintenance free.

See our Odour Control page for more information.