UVC Series 1000

Pura Air’s High Performance Commercial Odour Control System Series eliminates unwanted odours and destroys bacteria and viruses by utilising an ultra violet ray UVC germicidal lamp and UV Lamp ozone generating technologies.   The air sanitation process begins with the continuous filtering of the airborne dust particles in the air through active carbon filters drawing in the unwantedpicture1 odours from the area that is being treated. When the odour is drawn in through the filters they enter the UVC germicidal light chamber where the odour control process begins. When microorganisms come in contact with the UVC germicidal light wave it changes their DNA and destroys them by a process called irradiation. The advanced stage of the air sanitation process is when ozone (O3) is produced by the UV light waves. It is distributed by a high flow air distribution system to the area that needs to be treated. For example, in a hi-rise refuse chute application the O3 is delivered into the refuse chute and bin where the odour originates; here the building’s refuse chute’s natural up draft carries O3 from the bottom to the top destroying bacteria and viruses. This therefore eliminates and prevents the unwanted odours from entering the building’s residential or common areas to provide a sanitized environment.  


Ozone is a unique molecule that Seeks out and destroys unwanted odours; it rapidly oxidises them by depositing the third oxygen atom onto the unwanted odour particles this process effectively destroys viruses and bacteria – Neutralizing odour and reverting itself back to 02 (oxygen). This is called oxidation; a process that, in fact, occurs naturally in our air. picture3

(Please note: the diagram only represents one of many uses for this product)

Pura Air’s air sanitation products are designed and engineered specifically for controlling odours in environments such as:picture4
  • Hi-rise apartment refuse chutes
  • Refuse compactors systems
  • Refuse bin collection areas
  • Grease trap rooms
  • Waste water treatment works
  • Wet food waste areas
  • Customised to suit your application